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Brazilians know that Andrea was held on multiple charges.

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What has happened to Andrea Zaude?

Andrea Luciana Zaude (a personal trainer) was arrested for attempted murder and embezzlement.

After The Crime

After committing the crime, she tried to flee the scene. One of her legs was also broken when she ran over a worker at Shopping Centre.

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Andrea Zaude Wiki

Andrea Zaude Wiki

Andrea is not listed on the wiki.

Was Zaude a police officer before becoming a cop?

Zaude tried to flee the scene in her Jeep Compass, but the police arrived and she broke one of his legs.

Andrea’s role on Social Media

Andrea posts about health and fitness on social media.

Andrea after Arrest Reply

Andrea has not disclosed anything about her arrest.


Andrea’s crimes have made her well-known all across the country. To see more, please click this link.

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