Ammo Tier List 2023 |For Escape From Tarkov

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Escape From Tarkov 

Battlestate Games developed Escape from Tarkov, a hardcore and realistic first-person tactical shooter video game. During the game, players explore a fictional city in Russia that has been sealed off following a political crisis. In order to survive and escape the city, players must scavenge for weapons and supplies.

One of Tarkov’s key features is its hardcore gameplay mechanics. There is a realistic bullet physics system, a comprehensive loot system, and realistic health and stamina mechanics. A robust trade system allows players to buy and sell items with in-game currency and trade items with one another.

Tarkov’s raid system is another unique feature. To secure loot and progress to the next raid, players must complete objectives and extract safely. Aside from AI-controlled enemies roaming the city, the game features unpredictable and dangerous raids. In addition to the intense and immersive gameplay, players can also compete against other players in PvP mode.

The world of Tarkov is also richly detailed, with a complex and engaging storyline. Featuring top-notch graphics and sound design, the game creates a fully immersive and believable environment. Players can customize their character’s playstyle according to their preferences with the game’s extensive character customization options.

Escape From Tarkov Ammo Tier list 

Tier List Elements 
S-Tier12/70 Flechette
9x21mm BT
4.6x30mm AP SX
9x39mm PAB-9
9x39mm BP
5.56x45mm M995
7.62×39 BP
7.62×39 MAI AP
.300 Blackout AP
7.62x51mm M993
7.62x51mm M61
7.62x54mm R BS
7.62x54mm R SNB
12.7x55mm PS12B.
338 LM AP
.338 LP FMJ
 A-Tier12/70 AP-20
23x75mm “Barrikada”
9x19mm PBP
.45 ACP AP9x21mm PS
5.7x28mm SS190
4.6x30mm FMJ SX4.6x30mm Subsonic SX
9x39mm SP-6
.366 AP-M
5.45x39mm PPBS “Igolnik”
5.45x39mm BS
5.45x39mm 7N40
5.56x45mm SSA AP
5.56x45mm M855A1
7.62x51mm M62 Tracer
7.62x54mm R BT
7.62x54mm R PS
338 LM UCW
B-Tier12/70 Magnum buckshot
12/70 RIP
12/70 Superformance
23x75mm “Shrapnel-10”
9x19mm AP 6.3
.45 Match FMJ
5.7x28mm SB193
9x39mm SPP
5.45x39mm BT
5.45x39mm BP
5.45x39mm PP
5.56x45mm M856A1
7.62x39mm PS
.300 Blackout M62
7.62x51mm M80
7.62x54mm R LPS
7.62x54mm R T-46M
 C-Tier12/70 7mm
12/70 6.5mm
12/70 Grizzly
12/70 Copper Sabot
12/70 Makeshift .50 BMG
12/70 FTX Custom Lite
23x75mm “Shrapnel-25”
9x19mm RIP
9x19mm Quakemaker
.45 RIP
.45 Hydra-Shok
5.7x28mm L191
9x39mm SP-5
.366 TKM EKO
.366 TKM FMJ
5.45x39mm PS
5.56x45mm M855
7.62x39mm T-45M1
.300 Blackout BCP FMJ
.300 Blackout Whisper
7.62x51mm TCW SP
7.62x51mm BCP FMJ
12.7x55mm PS12
.338 ML TAC-X
D-Tier12/70 5.25mm
12/70 Lead Slug
12/70 Dual Sabot
12/70 “Poleva-3”
12/70 “Poleva-6U”
20/70 “Poleva-6U”
20/70 Star
12/70 Devastator
9x18mm PM PBM
9x18mm PMM PSTM
9x18mm PM SP7
7.62x25mm TT PST
9x19mm PST
9x19mm Luger CCI
.45 Lasermatch FMJ9
x21mm PE
.357 Magnum FMJ
5.7x28mm R37.F
4.6x30mm Action SX
.366 TKM Geksa
5.45x39mm T
5.56x45mm FMJ
5.56x45mm M856
7.62x39mm US
.300 Blackout V-Max
7.62x51mm Ultra Nosier
12.7x55mm PS12A
F-Tier20/70 5.6mm
20/70 6.2mm
20/70 7.5mm
20/70 7.3mm
20/70 “Poleva-3”
9x18mm PM SP8
9x18mm PSV
9x18mm P
9x18mm PSO
9x18mm PPO
9x18mm PRS
9x18mm PPE
9x18mm PPT
9x18mm PST
9x18mm RGO28
9x18mm BZHT
7.62x25mm TT LRNPC
7.62x25mm TT LRN
7.62x25mm TT FMJ43
7.62x25mm TT AKBS
7.62x25mm TT P GL
7.62x25mm TT PT
9x19mm PSO
9x19mm T
9x21mm P
.357 Soft Point
357 HP
357 JHP
5.7x28mm SS198LF
5.7x28mm R37.X
SS197SR5.45x39mm HP
5.45x39mm PRS
5.45x39mm SP
5.45x39mm US
5.45x39mm FMJ
5.56x45mm Warmageddon
5.56x45mm HP
5.56x45mm MK 255 Mod 0 (RRLP)
5.56x45mm MK 255 Mod 0 (SOST)
7.62x39mm HP

Escape From Tarkov Gameplay 

In recent years, Escape from Tarkov has become popular among gamers. Battlestate Games developed the game, which is renowned for its hardcore gameplay and realistic graphics. A unique gaming experience has been created by integrating elements from massive multiplayer online games.

Players can choose from three different modes in Escape from Tarkov. In the game, the primary mode is PMC raids (Private Military Company). As mercenaries, players must complete missions in hostile environments as part of a team. An item can be retrieved or an enemy faction can be eliminated depending on the mission. Survival and mission completion are dependent on the players’ tactical skills and weapons.

Scavenger raids are the second mode, where players take on the role of a scavenger. It involves spawning in an unknown location and scavenging for weapons, gear, and other items to survive. Furthermore, players and AI characters must avoid killing the scavenger. In addition to working with other scavengers, the scavenger can also take on other players individually.

Lastly, there is a temporary offline mode, which allows players to practice their skills and strategies without having to compete against others. Game mechanics are still being learned by new players in this mode.

A complex health system and realistic weapon mechanics contribute to the game’s realistic and immersive gameplay. There is also a dynamic economy in the game, which allows players to trade items and weapons. Players’ actions can also affect the economy.