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Did you know that Alex Bodger shot a video? Alex Bodger, a well-known tik-toker, is featured in the news today for a video that he shot. The Alex Bodger Original video has been viewed by people from the United States, Australia, United Kingdom, and other countries. This article will provide information about Alex Bodger’s original video.

Alex Bodger video

Alex Bodger was backlashed after he shot a video with an injured man. Alex Bodger TikTok Video is now widely known. Paul Stanley Schmidt was attacked in front of a coffee shop. He was there with his girlfriend and their three-year-old daughter. After Paul was brutally attacked, Alex Bodger, a well-known and respected tik toker who goes by the nickname “Gora Pakoda” in Tik Tok, began making a video of him. According to online sources, Alex Bodger was seen laughing with the victim in the video. The incident occurred outside of the Vancouver Starbucks outlet.

Alex Bodger Video

Alex Bodger’s video features an injured man who was stabbed by the assailant after he asked him not to smoke in front of his child. The tik toker Alex Bodger began filming a video with the victim after he was brutally stabbed. He is seen smiling as he shoots the horrendous scene. Alex Bodger Murder Video also features a father who is in serious condition.

According to online sources, the victim was killed in front of his daughter. After publishing the video, his comment section was filled with negative remarks. According to reports, Bodger said that he was traumatized by the incident. According to a Twitter user Alex took a selfie with victim’s body.

Where can I find Alex Bodger’s viral video?

The viral video was shared on Twitter. It was viewed by many people and then shared on other social media platforms. Telegram is one of many online platforms where the video is available. The video features a frightening incident that occurred in a Vancouver coffee shop. Alex Bodger can be seen smiling in the video, and says that he died from a surprise reaction according to the sources.

The viral video can be found on social media platforms. Alex was criticized by the public for his video. Reddit users started to comment negatively on the tik toker after the news broke.

In a nutshell

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