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Have you seen this viral Alex Bodger video? Are you aware of the reason Alex Bodger being criticized due to the viral video? If not, then this article is the only thing you have to know. The viral Alex Bodger video is circulating on social media platforms. The video is being discussed across the United States.

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Information on Alex Bodger’s the viral clip:

The Tiktoker who recorded the whole film of the stabbing at a Vancouver coffee shop is being criticized after the video were made viral on various platforms. The viral Alex Bodger video is seen across all the platforms online.

Alex Bodger, the Tiktoker has been the subject of discussion following he was accused of recording the complete footage of the stabbing outside a Vancouver coffee shop, and also captured photos of the body of the victim. The Tiktoker captured the video of the entire incident in which the Canadian father was knifed before his daughter and wife. This video of the Alex Bodger Original Video Twitter has been extensively debated on various online platforms.

He was also seen taking selfies of the victim’s body, and smiling as he recorded the video. Since the video was made viral Alex Bodger has been confronted with criticism on social media platforms. This video from Alex Bodger has been widely appearing on all social networks. In the meantime Alex Bodger has also been getting criticism for filming online the whole tragic incident.

The entire details of how the incident occurred:

Video of the Tragic incident that took place in Vancouver is the most talked about subject on the internet. The horrific video has attracted an enormous amount of interest on social networks. The Alex Bodger video on TikTok is circulating across the social media platforms. The horrifying incident that occurred near the Vancouver coffee shop on the 26th March 2023 is the most talked about topic. The video footage shows the tragic event in which an actor in the role of a father, Paul Stanley Schmidt was stabbed in front of his daughter and wife by person suspected of the attack Inderdeep Singh. The shocking video has been widely circulated all over social media. But, Alex Bodger has been facing criticism after being discovered filming the entire horrific incident, and also taking photos with the body of the victim. Alex Bodger Original Video Reddit Alex Bodger Original Video Reddit has been trending on various platforms. The Alex Bodger viral video has captured the attention of all. A huge outrage has been sparked among those on social networks after seeing the Alex Bodger viral clip. Since his release, he’s been subject to criticism on social media platforms.

Alex Bodger viral video:

Alex Bodge, the Tiktoker is popularly referred to for his role as Gora Pakora on Tiktok has been the subject of discussion following the fact that he recorded the entire incident of a father being attacked by a suspect in front of his daughter and wife. The outrage was triggered when people saw him snapping selfies with the body of the victim, and smiling as he filmed the video. It is one of the Alex Bodger Original Reddit is trending on various social media platforms.


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