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This post, The Abg Shipyard Share Fraud will provide all the relevant, in-depth information about this scam. Go through this article at least once.

Do you have any information about your knowledge of the most recent developments within the ABG Shipyard Scam? Did you comprehend the idea of this Shipyard Scam? Many are trying to find the truthful information about fraud Abg, not only across India as well all over the globe. You are welcome to browse our website if you are facing similar concerns.

In this article about the Abg Shipyard Share scam will provide the readers with the most complete information regarding this fraud. Only read it once.

What is the reason for it that the Shipyard fraud being talked about?

ABG Shipyard Ltd is the nation’s biggest private shipyard. Because many people are not aware of the shipyard, we’d like to share it with you. The company’s clients are happy throughout the globe. It’s been reported that this business is a fraud. It’s because they created an online transaction in order to fraudulently rob banks and stole nearly 22,000 crores of their money.

The Abg Shipyard’s Owner

In 2022, after the consequences of the scam became evident, Rishi Aggarwal was taken into custody. He is the founder of the privately owned company Abg. The police detained him following discovering that he committed crimes of nearly Rs 22,800 crore. ICICI, SBI, and IDBI are the three banks which were subject to surveillance. it was determined that all three banks were fraudulently manipulated by Rishi Aggarwal.

What caused Abg Shipyard’s Fraud be exposed?

A number of banks, including Bank of Baroda, ICICI, SBI, Punjab National Bank and many others, claim to have lost a few million dollars on the 7th of February 2022. After the matter was reported to the CBI The investigation was initiated. After examining the past background of the Abg company, they learn that this company has been associated with scams between 2012 and 2017 for a lengthy time. On Feb. 15, 2022 Rishi Aggarwal was arrested and taken into custody.


People across the globe are intrigued about the sentencing of Rishi Aggarwal following his arrest. This is why it’s not clear the moment. The fact that he’s being held by the police is clear.


We would like to state that we have covered all details about this Abg Shipyard scam in this article. The scam was exposed during the investigation that a number of banks were taken over for 22800 crores of money by Rishi Agarwal.

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