A Learning Platform for Ambitious Students

Modern children have access to a vast array of learning opportunities. From traditional methods like paper and pencil to modern educational games that utilize cutting-edge technology, the options are limitless. Amidst the abundance of choices available, one thing is certain: kids are increasingly drawn to learning through technology. Whether it’s a young child mastering their ABCs and 123s or an older student studying complex STEM concepts, videos and games have proven to be effective tools for engagement and instruction when other methods fall short.
In light of this, Kids Academy has developed an educational platform for children aged 2-10, consisting of a free website and a Talented and Gifted app. Together, they cover all major school subjects and offer a wide range of interactive learning materials that are both entertaining for kids and trustworthy for parents.
Experts in early childhood education are consulted in the creation of lessons and accompanying resources, which cover the key areas of learning. All materials are designed to be hands-on and interactive and they offer ample opportunities for practice, feedback, and revision. Regardless of whether children use the Kids Academy website or app, they will find all the necessary resources to advance in their learning.

Kids Academy Website and Worksheet Collection

The Kids Academy website (kidsacademy.mobi) is a free online resource that provides a vast collection of videos, worksheets, games and quizzes including a wide range of subjects. You can work with a printable worksheet for kids in two ways – by either downloading it and printing out or by just completing it online. With over 3000 learning pages available, the website’s library of worksheets is a treasure trove of engaging and interactive materials. Designed to cater to children’s interests, these worksheets feature fun graphics, as well as appealing characters and voice overs that facilitate learning. Children working online can also take advantage of the autocheck feature, an AI technology that provides instant feedback.

Parents and educators can access complete lessons that integrate instructional videos with accompanying worksheets to aid learning, practice, and assessment. Many Kids Academy lessons include videos led by certified teachers who offer guidance and encourage children to explore topics carefully.

The Talented and Gifted App by Kids Academy

Apart from its web-based resources, Kids Academy has created a Talented and Gifted app that offers a more personalized and in-depth learning experience for children. The app’s unique content includes chapters and lessons that align with structured curricula, allowing kids to improve their skills and progress through course material.

Parents can choose between full or short courses and activities in Adventure Land after they select a grade or skill level. There are over 4000 activities available, so there’s something for everybody and your kids will definitely stay interested! Weekly performance reports are emailed to parents so that they can track their children’s progress.

Parents can rely on the Kids Academy website and Talented and Gifted app, with their range of learning options, to deliver the most excellent educational experience for their children.