A Brief Guide to Smoke Detector Installation and Maintenance

According to Forbes, approximately 400,000 house fires result in almost 3,000 deaths and several injuries[NM1]  yearly. Fires are caused every day for several reasons, whether you are at home or not.

We have several appliances in our homes, and electrical fires can start in many ways. Some happen because of overloaded electrical outlets, circuit breakers, extension cords, and so on. So, when it comes to home security, most security companies often include smoke detectors and fire alarms in their packages. Because installing a fire alarm in your house is important for ensuring complete home safety. As a smoke alarm can detect the fire, and smoke in your home and save your family members’ lives before it spreads.

Why is Smoke Alarm Important?

Every year, people in the United States lose their lives in residential fires. And according to the New York State Department of Health, fire is one of the most common home emergencies in the country[NM2] . During a fire, smoke and deadly gases spread farther and faster, and victims die because they inhale smoke and several toxic gases. Most of the time, fatal fire incidents happen when the families are as, and they do not have adequate time to escape[NM3] .

This is the reason it is quite significant for you to install smoke alarms and detectors. Smoke detectors are a device that can sense when smoke is around. So, if there is any combustion in the house, the detector will be activated. When the detector is activated, it sends signal sounds to an alarm so that everyone in the house knows about it and has a chance to leave the place. In addition, security companies dispatch emergency response services if your home or family is in danger.

If you are looking for a security company offering top-notch fire detectors, we suggest you choose ADT. You can reach out to their customer team for more information regarding ADT packages. Moreover, it also allows you to customize your products and make your security packages.

When you choose a security system with ADT monitoring, you will get a quality smoke and heat detector. The alarm system will notify the ADT professionals whether you are at home or not. The professionals will immediately contact you and determine[NM4]  whether you and your family are safe. Moreover, appropriate emergency response will be sent, such as the fire department, police, ambulance, and so on. So, subscribe to its service by dialing the ADT customer service number, as the team is available 24/7 to answer all your queries right away.

Benefits of Adding Smoke Detector

Today, smoke detectors are seen in every home, if you have not installed them, then now is the time to do so. If you install it, then you can enjoy the following benefits of a fire alarm.

How to Maintain and Install Smoke Alarms

If you want to install fire detectors on your own, follow the ways listed below.

Research and Pick Smoke Detectors

Before you make a purchase, you must research the different types of smoke detectors and alarms. There are a variety of brands and models, so do your research and choose the one that meets your safety needs and budget.

Purchase Detectors for Every Level of Your House

Depending on the layout of your house, purchase as many detectors as you can. Or you can install one inside each bedroom, one in outdoor spaces, and one in the basement. But do not install alarms near windows, fireplaces, or wood stoves.  Even if you are installing it in the kitchen, ensure to keep it away from cooking fumes or smoking areas.

Test Your Smoke Alarms after Installation

For maximum safety, homeowners need to ensure that their alarms are properly functioning. So, once you have successfully installed the alarms, you should test the detectors to ensure they are installed properly. Press the test buttons on each device individually to ensure that every person can recognize the sound of the alarm. You can also conduct a fire drill so that each family member is prepared and has the chance to get out unharmed if the fire breaks. Also, remember that it is mandatory to perform power tests once a month to ensure that they are working properly.

Replace Non-hardwired Detector Batteries

If you install detectors that run on batteries, please do not wait to change them out. You should set an annual battery replacement date and set a reminder. This way, you will get alerts to change the batteries and save you from unfortunate events.

Five Leading Causes of House Fire

Home fires are unexpected and unpredictable that can put your life at stake. So, you need to recognize the factors and use preventive measures to drastically reduce the loss of life and property. We have listed some of the major causes of fire[NM5]  below.

Appliances and Equipment

Electrical appliances that generate heat, such as dryers or stoves, tend to heat up if you use them for an extended period. Thus, this leads to a fire outbreak.


A significant factor contributing to the cause and spread of fire is cooking. Fire starts when something flammable comes in contact with a source of heat. For instance, cooking oil dripping onto hot surfaces or food left unattended on the stove.

Holiday Decorations

Tragic fires erupt during the winter holiday because of the Christmas tree lights and other light decorations.

Electrical System and Devices

Any device that uses electricity has the potential to start a fire. You should ensure your electric wires are not loosely connected or improperly grounded.


One of the most common causes of a house fire is the negligence of the smoking habits of the house residents. For example, some people fall asleep while smoking or leave hot ashes in the tray, where they tend to ignite.

On a Final Note

We hope you will never experience a house fire, but unfortunately, there is no denying the fact that fire spreads quickly in our homes. It is crucial to have smoke alarms so that you stay alert to potential dangers. Because just like home security, fire safety is also a significant component that you should consider.